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  Leader in turbomachinery automation and controls solutoin, serving several major industries     

  • Power Generation Systems          
  • Oil & Gas Prodution Systems (Upstream)
  • Pipeline Compression Systems (Midstream)
  • Petrochemical & Refining Systems (Downstream) 

  Complete driver control, load control, sequencing, protection, and information systems integrated into a control system hardware platform of customer choice.  





Installation Supervision


Experienced Petrotech person to oversee control system retrofit installation activities.




Experiened Petrotech person to actively partici pate in initialsystem start-up.  Includes

loop check responsibilities,SAT execution, system tuning and on-site warranty support.

Field Service



Experienced Petrotech person provided on site to address control system operrational

issues. Includes: fault finding, calibration , repair/replace actions, system modification,

system updates, and programming services. 



  • Comlete application training

  • Courses tailored by discipline




  • Generic or project focus

  • Choice of locations & schedules


      At factory

We are committed to developing and continuous.

Work engineering system. To meet the needs of   

Its customers to get the most satisfaction Our Scope Capability 

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Installation Test
  • Commissioning 
  • Training
  • Service
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