FRAM Industrial is the new branding for Gas Turbine Air Filters, previously Eurofilter, based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK. The FRAM Industrial brand of gas turbine air filters are designed to recognise that each gas turbine installation has its own operating environment,often extreme climatic conditions from the blazing heat of the Saudi desert to the subarctic cold of Siberia.

      The FRAM Industrial brand is built on the foundation of the commitment to the development of air filtration technolody, urivalled customer service and a reputation for quality products with dependable performance that has established Eurofilter as a market leader throughout the world.

                     We have created a claer chart for the FRAM Industrial to clarify the differences between the two standard revisions of EN779, which are 2002 and 2012.

      EN779:2002 precedes to the current ralease of EN779:2012 and the variation between the two standards is significant. Included in the 2002 release is a test for the initial electrostatic potential of media or filter , if tested this result included in the 2002 report but has no bearing on the filter grade.

      In the 2002 edition only average arrestance or average efficiency defined the filtration classification, the 2012 edition includes the result for electrostatic discharge and grades the filter based around the minimum efficiency average arrestance, average efficiency, new initial efficiency and discharged initail efficiency.

      Although the report output appears the same, the filter grade can alter drastically with the prtential for an F9 to EN:779:2002. If a filter which as an average Efficiency of 98% making it F9 to EN779:2002, has an initial discharged effiency of 30% then it's new classification for EN779:2012 will be M6.



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