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Gas Compressor

              Gas Compressors Ltd is a specialist compressor packager offring a complete turnkey solution to our clients. We design, fabricate, build and test compressor packages within our factory. Our design team including 3D CAD and electrical engineers and our fabricators are approved to all main stream codes including ASME. We manufacture our own control and MCC panels and are always ready to build a bespoke package incorporationg all know mechanical and electrical standards. Gas Compressors Ltd is able to offer a quality product with a team of experienced engineers whilst still ensuring clean and clear communications between all parties and a methodology of team work from end user to supplier ensuring precise, efficient and timely build and delivery.

Gas Compression Technologies:

1. Positive Displacement Rotary Blower

     Two figure of eight profiled rotors turn in a housing. They are together so that they almost, but do not quite, touch. there is no compression within the machine, it simply pushes gas into the system to which it is connected.

2. Centrifugal Blower

     An impeller is attached to a rotating shaft within a cylindrical housing. Gas drawn into the housing near the centre, is then thrown towards the perimeter. The imparted velocity of the gas causes a pressure rise and flow. Multi stage machines direct the gas back to the centre of the next stage.

3. Rotary Vane Compressor

     A single rotor is mounted off set in a cylindrical housing. Slots in the rotor contain vanes, which are thrown against the wall of the housing as it rotates. Oil is injected into the compression space to lubricate the bearings and vanes. As the rotor is off set, the segments that are created by the vanes vary in size through the cycle, causing the trapped gas to be compressed. Ports in the housing wall are positioned to let the gas in and out at the points of minimum and maximum pressuse.

4. Oil Flooded Screw Compressor

      Twin screw shaped meshing rotors are mounted in a figure of eight shaped housing, which has suction and discharge ports at eitherend. As the rotors turn they form a space that traps gas, the space travels down the length of the housing, and because of the profile of the screws is compressed as it goes. Oil is flood injected into the compression space to lubricate the bearings and screws, and to absorb the heat of compression. The oil and compressed gas mixture subsequently passes into a de-oiling vessel. The oil is then cooled and filtered and goes back round the cycle once again.


5. Reciprocating Compressor

      Similar to an automotive combustion engine, expert passive non return valves replace actuated valves. Apiston travels up and down inside a cylinder, and is connected to a crank shaft by a connecting rod . On the down stroke, the discharge valves are forced shut, and gas is therefore sucked into the cylinder. On the up stroke the suction valves are forced shut, and gas is expelled into discharge port. On multi stage machines, the gas must be cooled before entering the next stage.

6. Daiphragm Compressor

       Crankcase same as reciprocating compressor, but piston pushes hydraulic oil in place of the process gas. Mounted on the top is a machined stainless steel head, wirh wide but shallow compression space. Inside is a stainless steel diaphragm. This diapragm is induced to go up and down by the force of the hydraulic oil beneath. Gas is sucked in and pushed out as the siaphragm falls and rises. Process gas is totaly insulated from mechanism and lubrication system. Any breakdown in the three layer diaphragm is reported to control system and causes a machine shutdown.


Common Applications:

- Waste water aeration

- Fuel gas boosting for boilers

- Landfill gas gathering and boosting

- Digester mixing

- Flare gas recovery, sour gas

- Fuel gas boosting for gas turbines

- Biogas booster

- Natural gas distribution

- Associated gas recycle

- 100% leak tight applications

- Pneumatic convering

- Pre boost for other higher pressure compressors

- Vacuum cleaning

- Wellhead gas compression

- Fuel gas to gas engines

- Refinery service

- Industrial gases such as hydrogen

- Pipeline gas

- Toxic gas compression



GCL Fabrications  

GCL Fabrications has the versatility to fabricate all its own steel work from coded pipework and vessels to compressor baseplates and enclosures. The in-house control/MCC panel workshop also ensures all aspects of the build can be accommodated within one single factory and within the demanding schedules of modern projects.

We are committed to developing and continuous.

Work engineering system. To meet the needs of   

Its customers to get the most satisfaction Our Scope Capability 

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Installation Test
  • Commissioning 
  • Training
  • Service
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